The Jemeel Moondoc / Hill Greene Gig

  • 07.04.2016|

Jemeel Moondoc will be releasing Cosmic Nickelodeon, his Third record for Relative Pitch in May 2016. He is joined by his duo partner Hilliard Greene on Bass. A Bluesy spirit permeates the record. After releasing The ZooKeeper’s House in 2014 to great acclaim, Jemeel & Hilliard decided to continue the dialogue in a more intimate setting. Two friends having a conservation and we get to listen.

Phil Freeman of Burning Ambulance Writes: “The Zookeeper’s House is easily one of Jemeel Moondoc‘s best albums, and a terrific reminder of his too-often-overlooked genius.”

Tom Burns of Free Jazz Blog on The Zookeeper’s House: “Consumer advice: invest in a future classic! “

Thursday, April 7th, at 8 PM
Zürcher Gallery, 33 Bleecker St, NY

JPEG - 84 kb
Jemeel Moondoc
JPEG - 168.1 kb
Jemeel Moondoc and Hilliard Greene
JPEG - 105.7 kb
Jemeel Moondoc
JPEG - 440.9 kb
Jemeel Moondoc and Hilliard Greene
JPEG - 439.6 kb
Jemeel Moondoc and Hilliard Greene
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Hilliard Greene