International seminar on K Venkatappa at NGMA & Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore

  • 05.11.2016|
International seminar on K Venkatappa at NGMA & Venkatappa Art Gallery, (...)

Mysore modernity, Artistic nationalism and the art of K. Venkatappa

on Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 November 2016
( may open event on Fri. 25 evening with the performance at VAG - yet to be confirmed)

at The National Gallery of Modern Art
& at the Venkatappa Art Gallery

The artist K. Venkatappa (1886- 1965) , student of Abanindranath Tagore and the first modern artist of the Mysore State, is a seminal figure of early modern Indian art who has been strangely neglected by the dominant Indian art history. The seminar brings together scholars from India and abroad to "re-look" at his art and times by which we hope to make more complex the history of early modern art, and therefore, of early modernity in India.


Partha Mitter, R. Sivakumar, R. Nandakumar, Ajay Sinha, Parul Dave Mukherji,
Shukla Sawant, Chandan Gowda, Raghavendra Rao Kulkarni, Suresh Jayaram,
Pushpamala N. and Srajana Kaikini
with a lecture performance by Abhishek Hazra at the Venkatappa Art Gallery

Funded by the India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore


Somberikatte, ( “Idler’s Platform” in Kannada) is the fictional institution created by artist Pushpamala N. as a space for discourse on art and visual culture when she moved back to Bangalore in 1996. Under its banner, she has organized thought-provoking seminars, lecture series, projects and exhibitions. This international seminar marks and celebrates 20 years of Somberikatte.