In Search of Trigrams

  • 08.12.2016|

Location : Zürcher Gallery (Paris)
Time : 03.09.2016
Approximately 20 minutes long

Concept :
In modern daily life, we lost poetry, literature, history and ancient wisdom.
What can we do ? Search for it.

This time we are going to have 7 volunteers along with Huang Rui in Search of Trigrams. Huang Rui is neither a guru nor a psychic, but he passed on 8 trigrams from the Book of Changes to me. These trigrams represent the place of humanity in nature. Can we find them in our memory and imagination with nature’s help ?

Description :
1. First, the assistants organize 7 volunteers for the performance. Gender, nationality and age doesn’t matter.
2. These seven volunteers get a Bagua trigram : Wind, Repeating Pit, Bound, Field, Shake, Radiance, Open.
3. 7 volunteers wear black and white clothes of any style. Before the start of the performance, they put on the masks and other costume elements prepared by the artist (image 1).

4. Performance starts :
8 people stand in place (image 2). Following the artist’s movement, make 6 clockwise circles in the space, then return to the initial position (image 3).

5. “Heaven” - the artist - starts, then each person has to recite a piece of prose or a poem containing the trigram, or simply describe its concept. The order of the trigrams is Inspiring Force, Wind, Repeating Pit, Bound, Field, Shake, Radiance and Open. The recital language, length, author or time period doesn’t matter. (image 4, 5)

6. After completion of all the recitals, walk six circles following the artist, then return to the initial position. The end. (image 6)