Pushpamala, N.

  • 22.12.2016|
Pushpamala, N.

Pushpamala N.


Colombo Art Biennale 2016
Chief curator : Alnoor Mitha
2-20 December 2016

Theertha Red Dot Gallery
39/4A D S Senanayake Mawatha, Behind Borella Supermarket, Colombo 800700, Sri Lanka
Phone : +94 11 2 698130
Hours : 10AM–7PM

Land : Playfighting 1 (after Actor in a Tamil Theatre Group, Sri Lanka, ca 1900, photograph by A W A Plate & Co.) 2016

Land : Playfighting 2 (after Tamil Theatre Group, Sri Lanka, ca 1900, photograph by A W A Plate & Co.) 2016

The source images of these works are two rare 1900 studio photographs by the famous Sri Lankan photographic firm Plate and Co. which are now in the collection of the Ethnological Museum in Berlin, Germany. While I was thinking about a work for the Colombo Biennale, a book arrived by post- The Colonial Eye - of an exhibition described as one of the most important collections of portrait photographs from the Indian sub-continent on show for the first time. Browsing through the book with my long interest in ethnographic photography, I came across this wonderful set of images of an early Sri Lankan Tamil theatre group. My staged photographs recreate them with elaborate painted sets, and cast and crew of artist friends. A group of ‘mock’ hunters confronts a ‘mock’ tiger...

Concept, production, direction : Pushpamala N

Photography : Clay Kelton, Cast : Pushpamala N, H S Gururaj, Amshu Chukki and Nihaal Faizal, Set painting : Bharathesh G D

Archival Inkjet prints, Image size : 40 x 53.4 inches