MARI OKUBO performing songs by Ornette Coleman with Kenny Wessel, Alexis Marcelo, and Damon Banks

  • 16.07.2019|
MARI OKUBO performing songs by Ornette Coleman with Kenny Wessel, Alexis (...)

Vocalist/Improviser MARI OKUBO to Perform at Zürcher Gallery

Vocalist/Improviser Mari Okubo will perform with her band
at the Zurcher Gallery, Thursday, August 8th, 8PM

Okubo will sing songs with words and music written by Ornette Coleman especially for her in accordance with her vocal ideas.
She is joined by cutting edge musicians Kenny Wessel (el guitar), Alexis Marcelo (keyboard), Al MacDowell (el bass), Leslie Ming (drums).

Impressed by her creativity and passion for new vocal art, Ornette wrote many songs especially for Okubo and produced her CD “Cosmic Life.”
Ornette also presented her as a featured singer in “The Montreal International Jazz Festival” in Canada,
“The Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival” in New York, “The Umbria Jazz Festival,” Perugia, Italy, and “Ornette’s Japan Tour” at Orchard Hall in Tokyo.

Mari Okubo —“One of the most beautiful voices coming from a human being.”
-Ornette Coleman -

"Mari Okubo, whose pure and silvery voice embodies Ornette’s lyrics and prevails within
harmolodic arrangements on her CD “Cosmic Life”…
- Howard Mandel / Jazz beyond Jazz / Arts Journal Blog -

"A new vocal beauty unlike anything you have ever heard --- where the inner and outer universe intermingle,
past and future become one --- transcending genres ---- opera, groove, jazz, contemporary, Japanese traditional.“- Sei Takekawa - Japanese best-selling author”Weathering Continent"-

Thursday, August 8th, 8PM.
at Zürcher Gallery : 33 Bleecker Street, New York
Mari Okubo - voice
Musicians : Kenny Wessel (el-guitar), Al MacDowell (el bass), Alexis Marcelo (keyboard), Leslie Ming(drums).
Admission : $15