Salon Zürcher, NY

  • 28.02.2011 - 06.03.2011|

Salon Zürcher will be a testament to the alternative thinking happening on the LES & in Brooklyn.

For those who feel they are missing out on visiting the individual gallery amongst the whirlwind of the week of the Armory Show, they will find an accessible & impressive, small but representative fair at Salon Zürcher.

Our 2500 sq. ft. space will be transformed into a mini art fair; 6 booths will be constructed, all with like dimensions.

At the center of the gallery will be a promenade for easy access and movement from one gallery’s booth to the next.


Audio Visual Arts (AVA), NY
Feature Inc., NY
The Journal Gallery, NY
The Proposition, NY
Parker’s Box, NY
Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, NY
Zürcher Studio, NY


Zürcher Studio, NY

PRESS : The New York Times, March 4th, 2011