Salon Zürcher, NY

  • 02.03.2015 - 08.03.2015|

The 9th Edition of SALON ZÜRCHER, NY seeks to represent an emerging art world inside and outside of New York City. Between our two galleries, Zurcher Paris / New York has hosted 8 mini art fairs, which have been major successes and garnered very positive media attention. Zürcher Gallery is located in the East Village, in walking distance from the lower east side art scene and the New Museum. The salon will function as an accessible yet impressive, small but representative art fair, this year showcasing 7 international galleries including 2 galleries from Beijing, China. Salon Zürcher, NY offers visitors an intimate alternative to the large-scale, superstore style fairs during Armory week in New York.
Bonnie Tchien Hwen-Yin, represented by ON/gallery, will be performing at 6 and 7 pm during the opening.


Theodore Art, Brooklyn
Novella, New York
ON/gallery, Beijing, China
Vane, England
Jiali, Beijing, China
Makebish, New York
Zürcher Gallery, NY

Zürcher Gallery, New York