Eléonore de Montesquiou & Barbara Breitenfellner

  • 11.11.2006 - 22.12.2006|

Eléonore de Montesquiou ’s films explore the relation between geographic borders and identities, using a minimal formal vocabulary and a dreamlike aesthetic.The artist, having lived a long time in Austria, Estonia, and Germany, constantly finds herself between two languages, two cultures, two generations, two stories. She interviews the people who live in border areas, urban intervals, forgotten cities, and gathers their testimonies in a sensitive way. Her videos attest to the love she bears for these inhabitants through the careful attention given to their particular stories of every day life.

In her installations, Barbara Breitenfellner records the strange and the enigmatic through more or less everyday objects. She puts together elements that apparently have nothing to do with one another, such as carnivorous plants and an editing table for 35 mm films, a mortuary mask guilt in gold and a large black painted triangle, show cases containing books in Japanese, a pornographic slideshow and a stag’s antlers. These peculiar associations take us on mental journeys whose destinations are unclear and undefined. If these relations can be seen as the direct prolongation of surrealist theories, it is rather the capacity that art has to produce dreamlike and disturbing worlds that fascinates the artist.