If you’re accidentally not included, don’t worry about it

  • 14.05.2014 - 01.06.2014|

Among the artists who attract the interests of other artists (particularly from the newest generation), Peter Saul is one of the most magnetizing. Bernard and Gwenolee Zürcher proposed to him the idea of a group show based on his own artistic choices. The number of chosen artists grew along with Peter’s enthusiasm, and eventually the show had accumulated twenty artists of different generations, including Peter Saul himself.

From the curator:

“This is my first attempt to curate a group show. Even in 19 years of art teaching, I can’t remember ever selecting a group of pictures for any reason. So why now?

Why not?

I agreed to curate the show. Outside of two artists who were already shown in the gallery – Brian Belott and Taylor McKimens (whom I was interested in) – the other artists in this show are friends of mine. They’re either friends I’ve had for years, or they’re people I just met once for a few minutes and seemed friendly enough. My great embarrassment is that I couldn’t remember the names of all my artist friends fast enough. I ran out of time and space. There are at least 12 to 15 people who should be here if they want to. If there’s ever a next time, I’ll ask you all first.

I’ve got definite criteria for good looking, long lasting, important art, but nobody I know agrees with it. For this show, if I had to choose between 2 images, I chose the one that was more pictorial, sensational, illusionistic, glamorous, humanistic, funny, sexual, quarrelsome, violent, ugly, etc. etc. In case none of these applied, I chose the one I thought was more unusual to look at. The only absolute was to choose small works, so that more and more could fit in.”
Peter Saul

VIDEO by James Kalm: “If you’re accidentally not included…” Curated by Peter Saul at Zürcher New York